The Tamböa

Tamböa, Harmony, Rythm and Magic... One of a kind percussion instrument !

The tamboa is an attractive and melodious percussion instrument that can help anyone discover or broaden his musical talents. Inspired in design by the family of slit drums of diverse origins (Africa, Oceania, South America), the Tamböa consists of a wooden resonance box topped by six black-cherry keys which are tuned in one of several minor pentatonic chords, producing a musical quality which is simple, harmonious and magical.

The Tamböa is an excellent tool for initiation into rhythm and melody. It is greatly favoured in music therapy work, and in the accompaniment of storytelling it has no equal. It can provide harmonious accompaniment to a whole array of instruments, including guitarflutedrumsdjembecajon, voice, and even the didjeridoo.

Created in our atelier, the Tamböa comes with three mallets, with rubberized ball heads, to enable the playing of chords. The keys can also be struck with the fingers or hands. The ease with which it can be played is the Tamböa’s greatest quality.


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